Sunday, March 7, 2010

Global Investment House Wins Deal of the Year Award for its Restructuring (!)

GIH proudly announced that the Islamic tranche of its debt rescheduling won the Euromoney Award for "Most Innovative Deal" of 2009.

Some comments:
  1. AA recalls a time in the past when firms did not brag about their restructurings. Then a restructuring  was considered the financial equivalent of being arrested for drunken driving.  One  generally didn't speak of it for fear of reminding the public that one had been pulled over for less than prudent behavior.  I guess when the problem is someone else's fault it's OK to speak about it.   If you missed GIH's 10 page apologia for its restructuring, you might not know that  the "International" Financial Crisis (no, not the "Global" Financial Crisis) is to blame.  GIH's business model and GIH's management definitely had nothing to do with this.  Really, you have GIH's word for that. 
  2. I couldn't suppress a snicker (or maybe that was a guffaw) when I read  "innovative structure of the deal which has enhanced the stability of Global’s financial platform".  That's like describing having one's gangrenous leg  amputated as enhancing one's health.  It was hopefully a life saving operation.  But it was one necessitated by the failure to to properly care for the original wound.  Or in this case one's business strategy.
  3. Awards not only tell us something about the winner but also about the competition.  When AA was in high school gym class, through the fortune of surnames I was always paired with the same fellow to run laps.  I won every race by a very large margin.   For a brief moment, I fancied myself another Abebe Bikila.  Apparently there weren't that many innovative deals in 2009 - either in general or in the Islamic sphere.
  4. I'll refrain from applying that principal to GIH.  Investment banks like to brag about everything.  You should see the self praise in pitch books!
  5. O tempora o mores!  "The award was in recognition for Global’s professionalism and transparency in dealing with the banks during the restructuring process".  That speaks volumes about the professionalism and transparency of the competition.  When being honest distinguishes one from the competition we are indeed in sad times, though perhaps this has something to do with the award being for the "Islamic" tranche.

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