Monday, May 3, 2010

Kuwait International Bank - Board Accepts Resignation of Ra'id Jawad Bu Khamseen

Today AlWatan reported that the Chairman of KIB, Shaykh Muhammad Jarrah Al Sabah, announced that the Board had accepted the resignation of Ra'id Jawad Bu Khamseen.  The reason given was the same as with the two previous resignations - that Ra'id did not hold enough qualifying shares.  And Shaykh Muhammad personally assured that this was the only reason that Ra'id is leaving the Board.

And, if you're willing to believe that the son of Jawad BuKhamseen could not come up with  qualifying shares in what was his dad's bank, please post and leave your contact details.  I have some lake-front property in the International City development in Dubai.  It's almost as fragrant as Tubli Bay.   

The article also notes that Ms. Najah Al Suwaydi respectfully declined to take up her position for personal reasons.

The Board will call an ordinary general shareholders meeting in the near term so that shareholders can vote to fill the "gap" in the Board.

Looks like the new owners are moving smartly to put their personnel in the key positions.   Yes, I know there hasn't been any material change in ownership posted on the KSE.   "Family Values" as we say out in the West here.  And apparently in Kuwait as well.  There are no better values or so I am told.  And what better place to read about them than a family friendly newspaper like AlWatan.

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