Sunday, May 2, 2010

Idiocy Knows No Borders: Virginia Attorney General Cracks Down on Pornographic State Seal

Fully Clothed and Wholesome Seal Shown Above

The Commonwealth of Virginia's fearless and crusading Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, has struck a decisive blow for decency and morality in the Commonwealth.  Not since John Ashcroft has a public servant taken so needed a step.

Seems that the Great Seal of the Commonwealth was pornographic.  It was almost as big a moral threat as those two hijabless members of the Majlis AlUmma in Kuwait.  And while not perhaps rising to the same level as the manifest danger of provocative manikins in the malls of Bahrain that were according to the wise solons in the Bahrain lower chamber leading the callow youth of the nation (males) astray, it was nonetheless a major danger to society.

Note:  Since this is a family site, I have refrained from posting the previous pornographic logo.  Those overcome with prurience can find it at the link above. Shame on you!

While it's hard not to applaud this step, one thing is troubling me.  The figure depicted in the Great Seal is the Roman pagan goddess Victus. Can the war on Christmas have started early this year? Is Brother Ken a foot solider in this endeavor?

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