Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gulf Finance House Responds on Auditors' Matter of Emphasis on "Going Concern"

Update:  GFH denies issuing this statement.  Let's see if AlQ replies.

According to AlQabas GFH has issued a statement on its auditors' matter of emphasis on management's assumption of GFH as a going concern.

GFH's well reasoned argument is reported to consist of the following:
  1. This sort of thing is a part of internationally accepted auditing principles.  Unspoken apparently is the idea that auditors are always doing this sort of thing - making a mountain out of a mole hill because of some silly "principle".
  2. 1Q10 results demonstrate clear improvement.  
  3. And the results are really "distinguished"  ( نتيجة مميزة )  given the difficult times.
  4. The improvement reflects the hard work of executive management who have reorganized operations without the need for additional provisions.
I glad that GFH has taken the time to set the record straight.  

After hearing these powerful arguments, I'm sure many of you will have a hard time taking the auditors'  apparent "box-ticking" quibble about lack of liquidity or weak capital adequacy seriously.  I know I don't.

In any case, in the interest of fairness, I'll be looking for additional commentary from GFH tomorrow on this topic - though I don't know how much piling on of logical firepower GFH's poor auditors are going to be able to withstand.

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