Monday, May 10, 2010

Gulf Finance House - 1Q10 Results Continuing "Transparency"

In GFH's announcement of 1Q10 results, Mr. Essam Janahi, Chairman, stated:
"The Board has taken a very prudent approach in declaring this result and is committed to continuing transparency in the way we do business."
This wouldn't be the first time that Mr. Janahi has publicly recognized the virtues of transparency.  Nor do I suspect it will be the last.  And if you were reading my post of yesterday carefully, you will notice that I highlighted this continuing commitment to transparency.  Or as we like call it here on SAM  كلام شريف

A noble goal.  One which of course an Islamic bank would have no trouble keeping.

I believe that GFH will be announcing tomorrow one small matter - almost too trivial to mention.  Oh, well, let me mention this since I've already typed this much of the post.

Seems that GFH's accountants added a matter of emphasis to their review report noting that while they did not qualify their opinion they called attention to Note 1 which discusses the lack of fundamental certainty about management basing preparation of the 1Q10 financials on the assumption that GFH is a going concern.  The auditors cited concerns about liquidity and the adequacy of the company's capital.

Now, I am sure that many of you out there are probably saying that I am being overly harsh.  This is not the sort of thing that need be disclosed in the press release.  After all, the company releases its financials and a seasoned investor will go first to the auditors' report.  So disclosure is made.  Indeed.

But, it seems when getting ready to send in its 1Q10  financials to the BSE, GFH inadvertently forgot to  include page 1 with the auditors' report.  As you might expect from the time it took to update GFH's ratings page on its website,  they haven't yet gotten around to loading the financials on the website yet.  All that's there is a copy of the newspaper ad.

We'll see tomorrow whether the disclosure of the matter of emphasis is in response to a letter from one of the exchanges.  Or whether GFH belatedly realized the small oversight and is releasing the info unprompted.

However, rather than leave on a negative note, I'll close with this quote from Group CEO, Ted Pretty:
“GFH is a flagship institution in Bahrain and the Islamic financial sector and we are committed to working hard to set a better example as a model participant. Islamic finance has excellent growth prospects and GFH is well placed to take advantage of this growth.”
 The commitment to set a better example as the flag bearer of Islamic finance is admirable.


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