Friday, May 28, 2010

Real or Fake? AMENDED

Dave Roberts published this picture over at TheGulfBlog.

And as you'll see there was some question about whether the picture was doctored.

Here's an interesting article analyzing a picture from Victoria's Secret showing how various tools are used to catch manipulations in pictures.

One of the tools that's available on the net is here.

I've had some outside technical help and am revising my earlier comment that the picture can't be analyzed on the Error Level Analysis site.  The problem was not the jpg format but the extraneous "bits" after the jpg in the link location.  Once removed, ELA performed an analysis.

Here's the results page.

While I am told this is not conclusive, you'll notice there are some areas on the sign where there is not random "noise" and this can be an indication of modification.  You'll notice these are  black.  Also something may have been done with the horizon above. 

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