Saturday, May 15, 2010

AlGosaibi v Maan AlSanea - AlGosaibi Attempts to Enlist Kuwaiti Banks Against Saad

AlQabas reports that AlGosaibi and its counsel (Saudi and American lawyers) met with Kuwaiti banks exposed to both AlGosaibi and the Saad Group to request that they unite their legal actions against Saad by forming an alliance whose goal would be the combining of their individual legal documents and other evidence, including any forged documents or documents suspected of being forged to strengthen the legal position of all creditors in recovering their money through the legal process.

At the beginning of the meeting the Kuwait banks reportedly indicated their intention not to co-operate with one party of the debtors.  

The representatives of AlGosaibi responded by:
  1. Assuring of the start of a "new page" of co-operation between AlG and its creditors.  You'll recall earlier that AlQabas had carried a report that Kuwaiti creditors were frustrated with AlG's responses to their attempts at contact and negotiation.
  2. That the Kuwaiti banks should have a permanent representative in the creditors committee in Riyadh and Dubai so that they would learn "in near proximity" (first hand) what was happening.
  3. That 70% of the AlGosaibi Group's wealth had been designated to pay its debts.
The banks responded to the last point by noting they were not going to entertain any discounts on the debt from any party (either AlG or Saad).  And that they were on the verge of taking legal steps against Saad.  This is described in the last paragraph of the article as the filing of cases in Saudi by some and by others in the USA.

The article then notes that the Central Bank of Kuwait has instructed Kuwaiti financial institutions to provision 100% for AlG and Saad exposure by 31 December 2010.  Three banks have almost already achieved that level.  It being understood that some banks had relatively small exposures.  As for those with larger exposures it's expected that they will require until the end of the year.

Assuming the article is correct, what's interesting about this is the apparent attempt by AlGosaibi to enlist creditors in its campaign against Maan AlSanea and the Saad Group.  As you'll recall, AlG has accused Mr. AlSanea of forging certain documents to obtain loans in AlG's name but then using the funds for his own purposes.  And, as you'll recall, Mr. AlSanea vigorously denies these accusations.

AlG appears to be trying to bolster its accusations of wrongdoing by Mr. AlSanea  by enlisting third parties to join in its campaign.  By portraying itself as the innocent victim of wrongdoing,  AlG may hope to  deflect creditor anger and pressure (from itself) to Mr. AlSanea.  A tactic, that if successful, might also set the stage for a later justification for a discount on the debt.

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