Monday, May 3, 2010

AlAbraj Holding "Small" Shareholders Call for Emergency Ordinary General Meeting

Both AlWatan and AlQabas report that small shareholders in excess of the 10% required under Kuwaiti Commercial Law have banded together and engaged a law firm to raise a complaint against the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Kuwait Stock Exchange for failure to discharge their supervisory duties with respect to AHC and to lodge the formal demand that the MOCI call an emergency ordinary general meeting of shareholders.  The meeting would be designed to protect the rights of the small shareholders in the company, including the right to elect a new board.

You'll recall the Boubyan Bank is pursuing a legal case to have AHC declared bankrupt.  

Also AHC is currently suspended from trading on the KSE for failure to provide its financials  for 31 October 2009 and 31 January 2010 within the required time.

The AlQ article is longer and has some more details, including that the Boubyan debt was incurred to purchase a majority stake in International Leasing and Investment.    According to the KSE, AHC  currently owns some 39.28% of ILI. 

With respect to AHC itself small shareholders own 58.5% of the company and large shareholders some 41.5%.

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