Friday, 1 January 2010

Jawad Bu Khamseen - Follow Up to Yesterday's Post

Mr. Jawad BuKhamseen - Picture Copyright AlQabas Newspaper

AlQabas ran an article today which consists of a letter from Mr. Bu Khamseen's attorneys (the Law Firm of Abdul Hamid AlSarraf, a very well known and respected law firm) in which Attorney Ahmed Tawfiq AlRashid makes the following points:
  1. There has been no bankrutpcy or insolvency legal ruling made against Jawad Bu Khamseen.
  2. The Court has ordered him to pay a certain sum to settle his deferred payment share trades.  AA:  Presumably those remaining from the Suq Al Manakh.
  3. The judgment is not final but is subject to appeal which is what they are doing on his behalf.
  4. By publishing the article AlQabas has violated certain laws and has impugned the good name of Mr. Bu Khamseen.  AHAS law firm will be taking the necessary legal action to seek redress for these violations.
At the end of the article there is a single sentence attributed to the Editor of AlQ:  "What we published yesterday was an official letter from the Ministry of Finance to banks regarding the necessity of implementing the judgment". 

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