Sunday, September 26, 2010

US Congress to Investigate Middle East "Money Laundering"

For A Cleaner Clean

Frank Kane at The National reports that the US Congress will hold a hearing tomorrow on US$1 billion of money transfers from the Middle East through the USA over the past six years in connection with claims of money laundering.  
As you'll note from the article, a central part of the claims seems to relate to the dispute between AHAB and Mr. Al Sanea.  
The Al Gosaibis continue to accuse him of wrongdoing and he just as steadfastly denies any impropriety.

It will be interesting to follow the testimony to see what emerges.

Those who follow other blogs may recall the February 2009 reports of the discovery of US$ 5 million  in a Dubai laundromat.  If anyone out there has an update, I'd be interested in hearing.

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