Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kuwait Stock Exchange Suspends 5 Additional Companies for Failure to Pay Listing Fees

The KSE announced that it had suspended seven companies from trading due to failure to pay 2010-2011 listing fees.  Two of the companies, Shabka and Safat Global, were already suspended for failure to pay the previous year's listing fee.

While financial distress is not the only reason why a Company might not pay the fee, it's a pretty safe bet that most of the companies on the list did not pay for that reason.  Six of them  them have already been suspended for failure to provide financial reports.  Some for quite extended periods.  For those previously suspended, I've highlighted the word  "موقوفة " in blue.

The companies are (listed in the same order as the Arabic):
  1. International Investment Group
  2. Gulf Invest  aka Gulfinvest International
  3. Pearl (Lu'lu) Real Estate
  4. Safat Global
  5. Mushrif Trading and Contracting (the only company on the list not suspended for failure to provide financials)
  6. Al-Abraj Holding
  7. Shabka Holding
[10:26:55]  ِ.إيقاف شركات عن التداول لعدم تسديد رسوم الاشتراك السنوي ‏
يعلن سوق الكويت للأوراق المالية بأنه تم إيقاف تداول الشركات
التالية لعدم تسديد رسوم الاشتراك السنوي لعام 2010- 2011 ‏
اعتباراً من اليوم 1-09-2010:- ‏
ِ1- المجموعة الدولية للاستثمار ‏(المجموعة د)(موقوفة) ‏
ِ2- الشركة الخليجية الدولية للاستثمار ‏(غلف انفست)(موقوفة) 
ِ3- شركة لؤلؤة الكويت العقارية ‏(لؤلؤة)(موقوفة) ‏
ِ4- شركة الصفاة العالمية القابضة ‏(صفاة عالمي) (موقوفة) ‏
ِ5- شركة مشرف للتجارة والمقاولات ‏(مشرف) ‏
ِ6- شركة الابراج القابضة ‏(الابراج)(موقوفة) ‏
ِ7- شركة الشبكة القابضة ‏(الشبكة)(موقوفة) ‏
علما بان اخر موعد للسداد هو 31-08-2010 .‏
علما بان اخر موعد للسداد هو 31-08-2010 .‏

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