Friday, 10 September 2010

It's a Happy Eid Indeed

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A special celebration at Suq Al Mal today.

Our coffee and tea shop is now open again during the day.

The location in the picture above a very very happy memory though sadly gone today like the "bust" of the founder.


Binamo said...

3ydek Mubarak.. O ayamek as3ad
The "founder" busted? Pls explain what you mean

Abu 'Arqala said...

First Hilton hotel on the African continent. Opened in 1958 by
الرئيس . His "bust" or rather a plaque on the wall with his face was behind the Reception.

Now I understand to become a "Ritz" after a US$100 million renovation.

Let's hope the same staff are doing the breakfast. Best morning ful in Cairo's hotels.

Unknown said...

One of my biggest disappointmnets in the bar there on a trip from Kuwait. I spied a Guiness tap and said "I'll have one of those please" with the largest smile on my face only for the barman to say "We haven't had that for years you can have a Heiniken".

NOT the same at all!

Abu 'Arqala said...


That was part of the charm. Not really renovated since the Revolution.

Besides isn't breakfast a little early for a Guiness? :)