Monday, September 20, 2010

Construction Delivery Group Files AED49 Million Suit Against Nakheel

Bradley Hope over at The National reports that CDG has filed an AED million suit against Nakheel at the special Dubai World Tribunal at the DIFC.

Here's an extract from the claim filed by CDG (Dubai World Special Tribunal Case DWT-0008-2010).

The DWT website is at

1.The Claimant claims against the First Defendant and/or the Second Defendant and/or the Third Defendant  damages, monies due, interest, legal fees, costs and expenses.

2.The Claimant's contractual and non-contractual claims arise out of and in connection with a contract (PJ-338) and/or contracts for the provision of Facilities Management Services (comprising Mobilisation Phase Services and Operational Phase Services in respect of 1,224 villas and 114 “Canal Cove homes” located on the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai) between approximately March 2007 and January 2009.

3.The Claimant Claims:

(i)  AED 24,514,464.49  Mobilisation Phase: unpaid fees to 31 January 2009
(ii) AED 2,608,347.75  Mobilisation Phase: loss of profit 01 February 2009 – 30 June 2010 
(iii) AED 6,001,899.58  Operational Phase: unpaid fees to 31 December 2008
(iv) AED 1,369,200.00 Operational Phase: loss of profit 01 January 2009 – 31May 2009
(v) AED 4,097,925.00 Operational Phase: Maintenance Services; fixed running costs for villas exceeding 400;  01 June 2008 - 31 December 2008
(vi) AED 982,534.00 Loss and damage: office, plant and equipment
(vii) AED 103,235.69 Loss and damage: emergency stores
(viii) AED 1,095,149.87 Loss of main office overhead contribution
(ix) AED 679,023.69 De-mobilisation costs on wrongful termination
(x) AED - To be advised  Loss of the use of the Claimant's Performance Security (AED 1,569,460.00) for the period 10 February 2009 – 07 October 2009

Interest pursuant to Articles 88 and 76 of Federal Law No. 18 of 1993: the Claimant claims compound interest on the above amounts at 12% per annum from the date such sums accrued to the date of payment, alternatively at such rate and for such period as the Tribunal deems fit.
As Bradley notes the process and outcome of the case will be closely watched to see how the Special Tribunal works.  As well, whether the ST gives smaller creditors a way around the rescheduling.  It would seem that CDG perhaps does not intend to contract with Nakheel again.

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