Saturday, September 4, 2010

Abyaar Real Estate to Sign Debt Agreement After Eid

Al Watan reports that Abyaar is expected to sign a debt settlement agreement with a major firm after the Eid Holiday. 

The article notes that the company is focused on meeting its obligations as well as completing its real estate projects.  Noting that despite the difficulties in 2009, the Company was able to settle 20% of its liabilities.  While Al Watan doesn't mention it, I'd note that the paydown of the liabilities occurred in close proximity to the Company's successful share issue of some KD52 or so million in September 2009.  That of course was no mean feat given the state of markets.  And Abyaar also increased its capital in 2008 if I'm not mistaken.

The article also notes that Abyaar has just about completed a 40 storey tower in Dubai.  Also that the prudent provisions it has taken against its real estate portfolio will enhance earnings going forward, i.e., the carrying base of assets has been lowered so profit will be higher.  This is  of course just the temporal shifting of profits (or losses) from one accounting period to another and doesn't represent an overall gain in profit for the Company.

ARE started off as a JV between Aayan Leasing and Investment and the AlRashdan Group.   After listing, they each hold about 17% or so of the Company.  There aren't any other disclosed major shareholders.

ARE is listed on the KSE (Symbol 432) and trades at KD26 fils per share a substantial discount from its KD100 fils par value.

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