Saturday, August 21, 2010

AlGosaibi v Maan AlSanea - More on The "Fix"

They say there is no surer proof of someone's intelligence than the fact that he or she agrees with you. (See point #3 below).

Echoing a theme raised here earlier, AlQabas has an update on the AlGosaibi and Saad debt restructurings:
  1. AHAB has reportedly offered to settle with its creditors at 15 cents on the dollar, an offer that creditors are reported to have rejected as they did the earlier 9 cents offer -- absolutely.
  2. Saad has offered to settle a large (but unspecified) portion of its debt to its creditors but noted that freezes on its assets in the USA and Europe resulting from AHAB lawsuits against it frustrated that desire.
  3. The Saudi Government is currently undertaking intensive efforts to achieve an accommodation (or reconciliation) between the two groups so that reschedulings can move forward.
As you'll notice, Saad's offer is as well a strong tactical move to develop support for The Fix.

While the article doesn't contain proof of its assertions, nonetheless it clearly demonstrates remarkable insight -- at least using the principle stated in the first paragraph. 

The question remains will AlGosaibi itself get "fixed" in the process?

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