Monday, August 2, 2010

AlGosaibi v Maan AlSanea - Al Gosaibi to Get "Fixed"?

There are several meanings to the word "fix":
  1. To repair something that is broken:  He "fixed" the pipe.
  2. To arrange for a desired outcome:   He "fixed" the race.
  3. To spay or neuter an animal:  Tom's cat was "fixed".
In previous posts on this topic we've dealt with the one or more of the first two meanings.

Now let's look at the third.

As seems likely now, the main action in the resolution of the dispute between AHAB and Mr. AlSanea over allegations  of misconduct as well as the resolution of the creditors' repayment is going to take place in the Kingdom.

In legal action outside of the Kingdom, AHAB (or its counsel) have:
  1. Made rather serious allegations against Mr. Al Sanea (Allegations he continues to vigorously deny) which are not only personally damaging to him but as well to the reputation of the Kingdom.  And a bit socially discordant for folks who like to settle their disputes among themselves - quietly, by mutual consent out of the lime light.
  2. Expressed a preference for NY and other foreign non Saudi jurisdictions which might be seen as spreading doubts about their ability to secure justice in the Kingdom.  And, if a family like AlGosaibi can't get justice, who then can?  This has involved some comments about the Special Saudi Commission.  As well, there have been other comments usually in response to forum non conveniens pleadings - which could be interpreted  to evidence the belief that the Saudi Courts are inferior to those of say New York.  And again very publicly made.
Will there now be a strong sentiment on the part of the authorities to send a clear message to Saudis that the patient quiet strategy that Mr. Al Sanea practiced is preferable to the more noisy one of the AlGosaibi's?  Or will all be forgiven in the reconciliation proceedings to take place in Saudi?  After all, the family is an old and important one.

In case you're wondering, AHAB's logo is in two separate "pieces" on its website.  Perhaps a symbol of things to come?

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