Thursday, 15 July 2010

You Said What?: Sue Myrick "The Iranians are Coming"

Well the thing that concerns me, and you mentioned this briefly, Iran is working with Venezuela. And they're transiting through Venezuela, taking Spanish for maybe six months. They're getting the false documents that they need, coming up through Mexico and if they're stopped, they just say well I'm Spanish. And it, oh I mean Mexican, and it only takes a smart border agent who knows the difference in the accents. He can tell, but if he doesn't have that, there's no way to know.

And the other thing that we're seeing, and we're seeing it in your state in particular in the prisons is Farsi tattoos. Farsi is basically a Persian language, which Iran is, and we know we've seen Arabic tattoos in our prisons for a long time, but we haven't seen Farsi tattoos in a long time. That's a pretty good indication that these people coming across our border are not just coming from Mexico and other countries that are looking for work. And that's what scares me. Being on Intelligence, we know there are people who are are here who do want to do us harm who are already in the country and it's not a matter of will they get in anymore, it's a matter of they're already here because of our lax border laws.
Well, as I'm sure you'll agree, this is mighty disturbing.  Rather sophisticated Iranians - capable of learning Spanish in six months - are infiltrating our country.  The only thing that stands between "them" and "us" are the language skills of our border patrol.  If they can't tell a Mexican or Spanish accent from  a Farsi  one, we're in for big trouble.

Of course, if they have those "Farsi tatoos", I suppose that would be another way to catch them.  Though I have to admit it's unclear why they would have these tattoos.  Wouldn't that undermine their clever disguises?

And if they're in jail, haven't we already caught them? Or is this a diabolical plan to take over our prisons?  And what greater threat to our nation?  For what more symbolizes a nation than its prisons? 

Perhaps, convenience stores?  And there's another threat lurking there.  And it isn't Apu.

After all this AA is pretty scared but not more than by two chilling facts:
  1. Representative Myrick has represented the 9th Congressional District in North Carolina since 1995 .
  2. She has a seat on the House Intelligence Committee.
I'm hoping the name signifies the Committee works to raise the intelligence level of its members.  No Representative left behind, no matter how far back he or she starts out.


Laocowboy2 said...

"House Intelligence" - an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

While I am naturally worried about the Iranians getting the bomb, I am also increasingly concerned about the sanity of some of those who already have it!

Abu 'Arqala said...


One of my mentors had an extract from the House Banking Committee hearings on Saddam Hussein's use of the CCC Program. For those who don't know under CCC, at that time the US Govt provided 98% guarantees for loans banks make to finance the export of US Agricultural products. So if the importer doesn't pay, Uncle Sam will. I believe the program is still in place.

One of the Committee members got the bright idea that the US Govt should refuse to honor its guarantee so that in his words "Saddam wouldn't get the money".

It had to be explained several times before the Congressman caught on that Saddam already had the money and it was the bank that was out of pocket.

The implications of the US Govt reneging on its guarantee also seemed to be a mysterious concept to the good Congressman. Sadly, he was not the only one on the Committee who found merit in these ideas.

Luckily it was apparently one of those "teachable" moments. But the tuition required quite a bit of time before the lesson was learned.

Laocowboy2 said...

I remember CCC from my time with a US house, and PL 480 creditd as well. I found your anecdote very funny - and a bit scary. These are the same yahoos as are voting in new financial system regulations - rather like having Sam the Plumber doing open heart surgery.