Saturday, 29 April 2017

Who Knew It Was Going to Be So Complicated and/or Hard?

Apparently Not This Clueless Chap

Who knew the following were difficult, complicated, or hard?


North Korea

The Constitution

The Presidency


Taiwan and China

Walking and chewing gum

David Frum summed it up quite nicely.

All this information was cunningly concealed by being put in books and other forms of writing
So what does a chap with good genes (whose uncle was a  scientist!), who knows more than everyone else in the Government, and who doesn't trust either his  diplomats' or intelligence professionals' advice when he finally realizes something is complicated and needs answers? 

  1. Well, there's Fox News, Breitbart, or Infowars for honest unbiased journalism.
  2. A newly made Chinese "friend" could in ten minutes honestly explain North Korea without trying to advantage his own country's foreign interests.
  3. Retreat into a fantasy world.  Actually with #1, it's more of a further descent into fantasy.

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