Monday, August 9, 2010

The Investment Dar - Musallam at Today's OGM - The Future is Bright

The following is based on AlAmir Yusri's article in the 10 August AlWatan.

Monday (9 August) TID held an ordinary general shareholders' meeting at the request of the MOCI in the words of Badr AlShamary, the representative of the MOIC, the meeting was called "in consideration for the shareholders, to protect the national economy, and in conformity with the Commercial Companies Law."  The Company will be holding its "own" OGM on 26 August.

Some 64.88% of shareholders were present and so there was a quorum.  AlWatan notes that the meeting was a vindication of sorts for the current management and board as not a single shareholder lodged a formal complaint or objection regarding management's or the board's conduct.  One shareholder did raise an objection about the MOCI's conduct with respect to TID.

During the meeting TID's Chairman and Managing Director, Adnan AlMusallam, made the following points:
  1. TID is not going to be liquidated.
  2. In fact its brightest days are ahead of it, apparently by 2012 if not sooner.
  3. It has no "poisoned" assets but rather its assets are real.
  4. While they were affected by the crisis, they did not die.  Such assets as Bank Bubyan, Aston Martin, Bank al Bilad, Oqyana and Khabaari are solid.
  5. BLOM Bank has joined the restructuring after a conversation with the Company and the CCC - even after winning its court judgment in London.  (There is a critical difference between getting a judgment and getting the cash).
  6. Now 83% of the creditors have agreed the restructuring.
  7. Good progress is being made with Commercial Bank to come to a friendly resolution of the Bank Boubyan shares problem.
  8. The Central Bank of Kuwait handled the crisis -- that's probably the global (small "g") financial crisis -- in the most professional of manners.
  9. A small thing like a lawsuit wouldn't disturb our great relationship with the Central Bank.  (You'll recall that TID sued the CBK over what it claimed was unfair treatment concerning its 2008 financials).
  10. TID has four month extension of the stay on legal claims against it in Kuwait.  You'll recall the Central Bank asked for an additional four months to decide whether to recommend for or against TID's final entry under the Financial Stability Law.
All in all a very optimistic assessment.  As Adnan noted even during the Iraqi invasion he refused to be pessimistic.  And if you've read the Arabic text closely ( ان شاء الله..والله على ما اقول شهيد ) , you'll have noticed that Adnan not only swore by God but also called Him as a witness.  So it's doubly hard not to take his comments at face value.

And no doubt with good reason.

Those persuaded by his performance will have to wait to buy shares as TID remains suspended on the KSE.


Laocowboy2 said...

The most interesting bits are (a) "TID is not going to be liquidated" and (b)"Now 83% of the creditors have agreed the restructuring." I am tempted to add a "yet" to the first statement but my concern is really with (b). While I have not had access to the full consultants' report on TID, I have concerns that any restructuring will have more than a whiff of "extend and pretend" about it. If the assets were readily saleable and/or significantly cash flow generative, TID would not be in its current position. Assets may be 'real" 9as opposed to those of IIG) but if they can't generate cash to servoce debt then they are not of much use.

Omar Kassim said...

I think Aukiyana refers to Oqyana, or I have heard though that with regards to their project on The World, that Nakheel took over when they had difficulties in moving ahead. This was pre-crisis.

Abu 'Arqala said...


Well, for the life of me, I can't figure out why you're not taking Adnan's comments at face value.

You did notice that he not only swore by God but also called upon Him as witness to what he said?

When a highly religious guy like Adnan does something like that, you've got to be sure that his generally usual كلام شريف has been raised to a whole new level.

Capital ك and capital ش as we at SAM say.

Abu 'Arqala said...


اهلا و سهلا

والف شكرا لخبر عن إسم اوكيانا

Anonymous said...

Once reports asked President Nixon, how come your eyes never blink when you stand in front of the cameras ? He replied: I swear and god is my witness; by using Visine,.