Monday, August 9, 2010

Gulf Finance House - Obtains Permission to Delay Release of 2Q Financials Until 16 August

GFH announced on the Bahrain Stock Exchange this morning that it had obtained the consent of the "regulatory authorities in Bahrain" to an extension of the time required to present its 2Q10 financial statements.  GFH has up to 16 August to issue the financials.  And since its Board will meet on 15 August to approve the financials, it appears that the release date will be next Sunday or Monday.

No reason was given for the need for the extension which is for a relatively "short" period.

There are two reasons that spring to my mind why such a delay would be required:
  1. The extension of the roll-over of the US$100 million stub from the West LB syndicate which comes due this week has not been finally agreed.   If true, this could reflect some hard negotiating on deal terms and pricing.  Or perhaps a slow moving lender "thinking carefully" about its decision.
  2. Its external auditors need for more time to complete their review of the 2Q report. This could be related to questions on the value of assets or income.  Equally clearly it could be related to the roll-over and the strength of the comments in their review "opinion" if roll over is or is not achieved.
These are not the only potential causes.

There could be some that are rather benign:
  1. Inability to get a Board quorum until then for some reason, 
  2. Unavailability of key audit firm personnel.   
  3. The need to first finalize Khaleej Commercial Bank's 2Q report.  Though since its Board meets tomorrow the results should be known by now and could be included in GFH's financials for release the next day - Wednesday or Thursday.
However, I suspect these are not the cause but rather it's one of the first two above - which indicates the stress under which GFH is operating.


Laocowboy2 said...

Bad numbers take longer to add up than good ones.....

Abu 'Arqala said...


Maybe the profit is so large that GFH needs to increase the memory in its computer to handle it.

Abu 'Arqala said...


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