Monday, August 2, 2010

Damas - Auditors' Report

The Auditors' Report has been posted on NasdaqDubai:
This report is being released again due to technical difficulties experienced by some parties in downloading the Auditor’s Report.
Let's be crystal clear here.  This was definitely not due to a failing by the Company, nor its media consultant, nor NasdaqDubai.  Obviously, it's the fault of the downloader.  I apologize for my manifest error and lack of technical skills. 

In any case, Damas' auditors have issued an "emphasis of matter" report.  And that is muted by the language of Note  2 - which avoids such words as "material uncertainty" in reference to "going concern".  Clearly, it's smooth sailing.

Update:  It's been pointed out to me by a kindly reader that the Audit Report itself does contain the sentence:  "“In the event that the financial restructuring plan is not signed as envisaged or the standstill agreement is not extended further, there could be significant uncertainty over the ability of the group to continue operating as a going concern.”

Fair enough.  I stand corrected.

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