Saturday, August 21, 2010

Board of Saudi Zain Proposes Capital Reorganization for Shareholder Vote

Saudi Zain announced on the Tadawwul (Saudi Stock Exchange) today 21 August a plan for a capital reorganisation to be put to a vote at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders for their ratification subject to the Company obtaining the prior approval of the Saudi Capital Markets Authority, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and any other concerned body for the plan.

The reorg will take place in two steps:
  1. In the first capital will be decreased.  While it's not stated, this is clearly to eliminated accumulated losses.
  2. In the second a partial restoration of capital.
Here are the details. 

Capital Reduction 
  1. Reduce paid in capital from SAR14,000,000,000 to SAR7,328,843,885.  This covers the accumulated losses of SAR6,671,561,150 as of 2Q10.  2Q10 financials:  Arabic version here and English version here.
  2. There will be a reverse split with shareholders getting 1 share for approximately each 2.096 shares they currently own.  As a result, 667,156,115 shares will be canceled.
  3. Not stated, but the balance represented by these shares SAR6,671,561,150 will be transferred to Accumulated Losses zeroing it out.
Capital Increase
  1. Increase capital by SAR4,383,487,180 to to SAR11,711,926,030.
  2. 438,348,718 new shares are to be issued.  There is no discussion of the offer price.  SZ's nominal (par) value is SAR10 per share.  If the shares are offered for a higher price (at a premium) then SZ will raise more than the SAR4.4 billion.  My guess is that there will be a strong incentive to issue the shares at par given the Company's financial condition and a desire to obtain as close to 100% take-up as possible.
  3. In addition to the normal pro-rata allocation among shareholders, founding shareholders will be able to convert all or part of the debt they've extended the Company.  That amounts to SAR2,914,000,000.  Of that amount Zain Kuwait holds SAR1,859,397,000 (63.8%).  Zain Kuwait holds 25% of SZ's stock and 50% of the Founding Shareholders' portion.  The Saudi General Organisation for Retirement and the Public hold the remainder.
  4. Kuwait Zain's response to the new share offer will give a clear indication of Zain's ability and willingness to continue as a shareholder.  There is perhaps an indication of their attitude in that the SAR2.2 billion 6 month supplier credit SZ obtained in June 2010 was guaranteed by one of the Founding Shareholders, presumably Zain Kuwait.
In a bit I'll post on Saudi Zain and the indications of a turnaround.

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