Monday, August 30, 2010

Aayan Leasing and Investment - 1Q10 Loss of KD7.8 Million

ALI announced its 1Q10 earnings today on the KSE.  As usual only Arabic text  (below) is available. The Central Bank of Kuwait approved release of the financials on 16 August.  There was no explanation for the delay.  Based on "history", I'm guessing that as with the Company's 2009 financials, the delay has been occasioned by the KSE's more than usual scrutiny.

The headline number is a loss of KD7.8 million for the first quarter compared to a loss of KD12.5 for the period the year earlier.  Shareholders' equity is KD23.6 million versus KD89.1 million at 1Q09.  Equity was KD31.2 million at 31 December 2009. 

As you might expect, the auditors have raised a matter of emphasis about the Company's ability to continue as a going concern.  Current Liabilities (KD410 million) exceed Current Assets (KD166 million).  Accumulated losses are KD75 million.  

That last comment has got me scratching my head.  On 10 August ALI held its OGM/EGM in which shareholders agreed to use Reserves of KD37.8 million plus reduce the paid in capital to KD29.6 million (from KD63.9 million) to offset accumulated losses.  They also agreed to a KD10 million capital increase by way of a rights offer at par (KD0.100 per share).  So is it that the legal steps to accomplish this have yet to be finalized?  If so, isn't this fact worth noting?  That is, that the Company is taking steps to rectify the situation. Otherwise readers might infer there is an ongoing unaddressed  violation of Article 171 of the Commercial Companies Law.

The auditors also mention ALI's default on some KD100 million of debt.  In the August 10 OGM/EGM Ali "T" AlGhanem, the Company's Chairman, predicted the signing of a rescheduling agreement within two to three weeks.   KFH is the lead bank on the rescheduling negotiations.

A difficult situation. 

[13:38:23]  بلغت (خسارة) (أعيان) (7.7) مليون د.ك لل3 أشهر المنتهية في 31-03-2010‏
يعلن سوق الكويت للأوراق المالية أن شركة أعيان للاجارة و الاستثمار (اعيان)‏
حصلت على موافقة بنك الكويت المركزي على بياناتها المالية المرحلية للفترة ‏
المنتهية في 31-03-2010، يوم الاثنين الموافق 16-08-2010 ،
وفقا لما يلي:‏
البند       ال3 أشهر المنتهية في 31-03-10     ال3 أشهر المنتهية في 31-03-09
الربح (خسارة)(د.ك)               (7.785.523)              (12.553.455)‏
ربحية(خسارة)السهم (فلس كويتي)   (12.6)                    (20.6)‏
اجمالي الموجودات المتداولة      165.971.276             248.207.741‏
اجمالي الموجودات               510.637.020           595.882.901‏
اجمالي المطلوبات المتداولة      410.252.612             351.840.048‏
اجمالي المطلوبات               441.957.164             458.057.552‏
ِ اجمالي حقوق المساهمين        23.643.193              89.142.376‏
بلغ اجمالي الايرادات من التعاملات مع الاطراف ذات الصلة مبلغ 66.680 د.ك
بلغ اجمالي المصروفات من التعاملات مع الاطراف ذات الصلة مبلغ 1.303.522 د.ك
علما بان تقرير مراقبي الحسابات يحتوي على عدم التأكد المتعلق بالاستمرار
على اساس مبدأ الاستمراريه :‏
دون التحفظ في نتيجتنا ، نلفت الانتباه الى الايضاح 2 حول المعلومات الماليه
المرحليه المكثفة المجمعه و الذي يبين ان المجموعه تكبدت خسائر بمبلغ ‏
ِ8.042.649 د.ك لفتره الثلاثة اشهر المنتهيه في 31-مارس-2010 ، و كان لدي ‏
المجموعه خسائر متراكمه بمبلغ 75.175.026 د.ك ، وكما في ذلك التاريخ تجاوزت ‏
المطلوبات المتداوله للمجموعه موجوداتها المتداوله بمبلغ 225.830.362 د.ك
اضافة الى ذلك ، عجزت الشركة الام عن سداد التزامات دين بمبلغ 99.993.871د.ك
و علقت دفعات سداد المبالغ الاساسيه لالتزامات الدين الى البنوك و المؤسسات ‏
الماليه ، و هي تعمل بفاعليه مع الممولين لاعادة جدولة التزامات ديونها ‏
بالكامل ، ان هذه الظروف مع الامور الاخرى المبينه في ايضاح 2 تشير الى وجود
عدم تأكيد مادي مما يمكن ان يثير شك كبير حول قدرة المجموعه على الاستمرار ‏
في اعمالها على اساس مبدأ الاستمراريه .‏



Joe said...

Is Aayan under danger of bankruptcy?

Abu 'Arqala said...


Theoretically yes.

Though if I'm not mistaken (and sometimes I am), not a single listed company has entered bankruptcy in Kuwait in the past several years.
Many a zombie roams the trading floor of the KSE.

Perhaps, more pertinent a question is whether it's a good idea to do business with them.

A zombie might not die but its employees might (be sacked to cut costs). And it might take a devil of a time getting back funds one has entrusted to it (considering both the time to retrieve and the amount retrieved).

Joe said...

Abu 'Arqala,

I have invested back in 2008 with their "Makaseb Real Estate Fund", since they have been extremely slow at refunding the fund's shareholders as I have only received about 25% of my requests for withdrawal.

Would you think that there is a risk for the fund to be completely lost in case Aayan's situation gets worse?

At one point, one of the Aayan guys told me that even if Aayan the company is bankrupt the fund would be independent; how true is that?

Below are the NAV's

Jun-08: 1.188
Sep-08: 1.179
Dec-08: 0.906
Mar-09: 0.892
Jun-09: 0.848
Sep-09: 0.840
Dec-09: 0.818
Mar-10: 0.818
Jun-10: Still to be published

Abu 'Arqala said...


Sorry for the delay in responding. Had a technical problem with email notices of comments, which I just "fixed" today and saw your comment.

Your question really turns on legal issues.

Those are most appropriately answered by legal counsel.

The relevant legal questions are:

(a) Where is the fund incorporated?

(b) Where are the assets?

(c) In whose name are the assets registered? The Fund's? Or ALI's?

(d) If the Fund's, was the fund set up under a trust? Does the law of (a) and (b) establish and protect trust arrangements?

(e) Has there been any pledge of fund assets to third parties? There was the case of a "major" some might even say a "global" investment firm in Kuwait which took a deposit from an IPO and placed it in its own name with a lender to it. When that prestigious firm got in trouble, the lender offset the deposit against the loan it had made the investment firm. The investors in the fund were left sucking wind, though I think the investment firm offloaded some duff assets on them in compensation.

Sadly, one sometimes finds in Kuwait (as in other countries) that business ethics are lacking. It does pay to only deal with reputable parties.

Is the prospectus for the fund published on the internet? Or if you have a soft copy, drop me an email using the contact form and we can arrange a way for you to send it to me.