Sunday, July 18, 2010

UGB to Purchase Burgan Bank Shares at KD0.390?

Citing informed sources, Jamal Ramadan over at AlWatan reports  that UGB will purchase the additional 13% of Burgan shares using an auction mechanism.  The contemplated starting bid is reported to be KD0.390 per share. 

Three separate tranches are envisioned.  The first two for 5% each and the third for 3%.

I'd like to note the following which I hope will put the purchase into perspective:
  1. BB last traded at KD0.390 or higher on 24 March 2010.
  2. During April this year BB offered new shares amounting to a 35.47% increase in capital at KD0.280 fils per share.
  3. The KD0.390 starting auction price is a 16% premium over 18 July's close.
  4. An auction process where the buyer's starting bid is KD0.390 is likely to result in a higher price.  
If successful, the auction will lift BB's share price having a favorable impact on its collateral value and allowing selling shareholders to cash out at a nice profit.  Particularly those who bought shares at KD0.280 in April.  

Over the past three or so months the KSE  Index has, if I'm not mistaken shed some  1,000 points.  This sale marks a truly unique value creation event.

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