Friday, July 9, 2010

Limitless Limits Its Exposure: Pulls Out of Haute Development Malaysia

On 8 July Bandar Raya Developments Berhad announced that its subsidiary had entered into a conditional sales agreement with Limitless to buy its 60% stake in Haute Property SDN.  Haute was set up with UEM  (who own 40%) to develop luxury homes in Johor State.

Ardent will pay Limitless:
  1. RM1.0 (roughly US$0.31) for Limitless' 60% stake in Haute.  (The company's unaudited financials show negative shareholders' funds).
  2. RM 75 million (US$22.9 million) to reimburse Limitless for partial payment of development rights.  The amount will be converted to US$ at the FX rate at time of payment RM3.27 = US$1.00.  While the RM/US$ rate is currently RM3.196, this will not represent a loss to Limitless as it should get back the exact amount of US$ it paid.
  3. RM1 million representing full and final compensation to Limitless for the RM10 million it advanced Haute for operating and development expenses.
The project is still in the development stage.  It's expected that there will be revisions to the development plan.

For those interested in a trip back to the original Limitless announcement, here is the link.

This move allows Limitless to exit the project with minimal losses and eliminates potential cash calls.  And no doubt not the last step by the various companies in Dubai Inc to reduce foreign projects to concentrate now limited resources at "home".

BTW anyone out there able to cite a single instance of such a comprehensive announcement on a GCC exchange?

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