Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kuwait: "The Age of Taxes is Coming"

Kuwaiti Citizens Demonstrate Near Sheraton Hotel Kuwait City

So screams the headline from the 23 July issue of AlWatan.  A most scary development.

According to the article, the Ministry of Finance is preparing a public awareness campaign under the slogan "Tax the Permanent Source of Development" as well as that the Ministry had sent some of its staff to Egypt to learn methods for fighting tax evasion as part of a plan to introduce a comprehensive tax plan including an income tax.

Can it be too much longer before  حزب حفلات الشي   eclipses the salafist bloc in the Majlis al Umma? 

Can the local versions of   سارا بالين  and   جلن باك  be far behind?

Though knowing Kuwait, this may turn out to be like electricity.   At the end of the day citizens will delay paying their taxes until the government bails them out.


The Rageful Cynic said...


God bless the tea party and the hours of amusement it provides me with....

I don't know how serious the gov't is in this endeavor, it does make sense though, i mean the country doesn't really make money off of anything but the oil, so another source of income is sorely needed...

although, as a Kuwaiti working in the private sector, I hate the idea of paying taxes which may ultimately be used to pay the salaries of the grossly over-employed public sector... :/

Abu 'Arqala said...


Taxes are probably a necessary evil. Imposition of which will test the Beblawi/Luciana thesis.

As to value for your putative tax dollars, there's the Majlis Al Umma to consider.