Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Investment Dar - Ernst and Young Delivers "Final" Report on Restructuring Plan

AlQabas reports that E&Y has delivered its "final fateful" report on TID to the Central Bank of Kuwait.  The report includes a valuation of the Company's assets which is the basis for E&Y's judgment as to whether TID is capable of continuing as a "going concern" and meeting it repayment obligations under the restructuring.

As well, that the Company held a meeting with E&Y to discuss its analysis.  And that according to sources close to the Head of the Creditors Committee, the CCC held a meeting with Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and the Company to discuss the latest developments.

And finally that there are members of the CCC who are ready to propose alternatives should the CBK take an adverse decision on the restructuring plan.

I'd be rather surprised if the CBK did not approve the plan.  Rather if it has serious concerns, it might seek to amend the plan in one or more areas, though again I don't expect this. 

Presumably, the development of alternatives is a further demonstration of AA's Law of the Conservation of Due Diligence.  If you fail to do proper due diligence in the underwriting stage, you "catch up" in the restructuring stage.  And then of course the amount of work reflects the impact of time value (present value).  Much more is done.

As you know, the CBK's approval is required for entry by TID into the safe harbour of the FSL which will protect it - at least in Kuwait and probably in other jurisdictions - from dissident creditors' legal actions.  And recall that the FSL does give the CBK the right to amend the restructuring plan if it feels that such is needed to ensure its implementation.

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