Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gulf Finance House - Press Release on S&P Downgrade

Pass the smelling salts!

There it was today an announcement on the BSE.  None so far on the DFM or on the KSE - but it's still early in the day only 08:12 EDT here.  And Dubai and Kuwait are a lot further from GFH's HQ in Manama than the BSE.  

Oh, wait, I see.  

GFH is responding to a letter from the BSE asking about the downgrade. 

According to the press release, GFH's Board decided last week to terminate the ratings relationship but to allow Executive Management the discretion as to when to terminate.  

The press release clarifies:
"In the meantime the Executive management would like to focus on the recovery plan and the restructuring then will decide to implement the withdrawal".

Since GFH seems to have decided to implement the withdrawal on or before  the day the rating was released, less charitable souls than AA might infer some lack of communication within the firm about critical events.  

Perhaps, certain information is shared on a "need to know" basis.  As with the shareholders?  A key issue may be in the determination of "need".  

As always AA stands ready to provide a public service.  

Here's the link to the Central Bank of Bahrain's Capital Markets Regulation "Disclosure Standards".   The appropriate "chapter and verse" is Article 32 "Ongoing Obligations Immediate Disclosure".    It does quite a nice job of defining "need to know". And the timing of "letting them know".

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