Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Global Investment House v National Bank of Umm AlQaiwain: GIH Proposes Negotiations?

In what is billed as an exclusive interview with AlWatan, Amir Yusri writes that Badr AlSumait, GIH's CEO, said that Global's doors remain open to NBUQ to discuss an amicable solution outside of the court room.  One that would of course respect GIH"s right to the deposit.

As you'll recall from earlier posts on SAM, the Dubai Court of First Instance has ruled in GIH's favor ordering NBUQ to return the deposit with legal interest at 9%.

It's hard to know what is at play here.  

Is GIH concerned that NBUQ will launch an appeal and win?  Or that it will be able to tie up the funds for a prolonged period - a rather dangerous development for GIH given the unrealistically short repayment tenor on its restructuring?  

And thus by offering to accept a lower interest rate or a staged repayment to secure repayment?  And a relatively prompt repayment?

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