Monday, July 19, 2010

Global Investment House - Poor Performance of Funds Highlighted Why?

AlQabas has an interesting article on YTD performance through 25 June performance of funds domiciled in Bahrain.  Global has I believe some 12 or so funds listed on the BSE.

For the record, the results were:
  1. European Stock Index Fund down 9.8%
  2. US Stock Index Fund down 7.52%
  3. Energy and Petrochemical Industries down 6.32%
Other firms similar negative performance is mentioned.  
  1. SICO's Gulf Stocks Fund is down 6.53%
  2. TAIB's Bank's MSCI-based GCC Stocks Fund (Islamic) down 5.77%.
Interesting article because of the focus on Global - and the performance of just three of its funds.  In an environment where other fund managers are incurring losses as well.  

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