Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dubai World Restructuring: Hard Slog to the Finish Line

Business Maktoob reports that Dubai World will meet with its creditors 22 July to make another presentation on the terms of the proposed restructuring.  And that subsequent workshops will be held in Hong Kong, London and Dubai to allow banks to pose questions on the restructuring to DW's expert advisors.

It's pretty clear that the sales process is still continuing.  

And from the number of "commercials" DW is either taking no chances on the outcome of the creditors' vote.  Or perhaps more likely has been encountering some resistance to the deal.  I say that because the 22 July meeting is at least three weeks behind the original schedule.  If smooth sailing were expected, the presentation would have taken place already.  And the creditors' deadline for a response would be running.   It's not. 

While ultimately a deal will be done (as the alternative is unthinkable), if a sufficient number of banks balk, there might be some improvement in terms.

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