Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bahrain Police Crack Down on Dangerous Street Crime

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In an wise move local authorities - both police and government officials - have launched a decisive campaign to increase public safety in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

While I consider this a family blog and don't post what I consider to be offensive pictures or refer to offensive acts, I've made an exception this time - simply because of the enormity of the act and the need to speak out to condemn it.

Pictured above is the manifestly dangerous Ms. Kauthar Abdulameer,  Bahrain's Public Enemy #1.  

As you can see, caught by the camera in flagrante delicto.  That's right standing in the balmy Bahrain summer  (40 degrees or more centigrade with a bracing hint of humidity in the air) breathing toxic car fumes selling water.  To support her family and newly born daughter, Fatima.  

The heavens call out, I suppose, for an appropriate punishment for so great a crime.  And, if not the heavens, at least the local authorities who apparently have no more urgent criminal matters to deal with.

In any case I'll be holding my next trip to the Kingdom until I have assurances the authorities have  restored safety and order.   I'd suggest you consider the same.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot re-visit Bahrain. I owe her money.