Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Etisalat AED37 Million Bonuses Flap

The UAE State Audit Institution ("SAI") has raised questions about AED37 million in bonuses that the Board granted itself and its Chairman for 2009.

The SAI believes the bonuses should have been approved by shareholders at an Annual General Meeting.  The Company says that the majority shareholder (the government with 60%) has approved these in the past and that its Memorandum and Articles of Association do not required ADM approval.
"They have the right to say whatever they want. We cannot ask them not to write it, but we have our own view that we have the right to voice," Mohammad Hassan Omran, etisalat Chairman, told Emirates Business. "Definitely we are working with them in order to develop the way reporting and auditing should be done."
I thought it was pretty much standard corporate law requirement in the GCC states that shareholders approve such payments.

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