Sunday, June 27, 2010

British Architectural Firm Sues Dubai Properties for AED27 Million (US$7.3 Million)

Bradley Hope over at The National reports that Hopkins Architects, a major UK architectural and engineering company, is suing Dubai Properties in the DIFC Court  (Court Case CFI 034/2009) for AED27 million (US$7.3 million) for what it claims are unpaid fees and costs it has incurred in connection with Central Park 08, a set of twin 50 storey towers next to the DIFC.

As per the DIFC Courts website, Dubai Properties has until 12 July 2010 to present its defense.

This amount is rather small beer in financial terms.  And failure to pay reflects either a very serious commercial dispute.  Or a rather severe cash crunch at Dubai Properties.

The article leaves the impression that HA stopped work because of non payment and then DP sought to cancel the contract.  Assuming this is correct, it would seem then that DP would owe HA for work to date less any deductions for any damages it can claim against HA.  From the article it sounds as though DP is not raising any counterclaim against HA, though it may still be early in the legal game.

In any case, I am taking comfort as I suppose we all should by the recent words of a high placed guy in the Emirate who should know the score.  While this quote refers to Dubai World, I'm sure that it probably equally applies to Dubai Holdings.
"I'm not worried about the company, the company has got the wealth. So they have something, and they will come back very very quickly."
Though I'll confess I'm not so confident about HA collecting its receivable.


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