Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Celebrations Cancelled At Suq Al Mal - And Just in Time!

Luckily I just saw this article in Gulf News.  I had just enough time to cancel Nancy Ajram's performance.  Hopefully, she can get a last minute booking in Bahrain.

Anyways, as you all know by now, if I read it in the Gulf News,  I know it has to be true.
"There must be a zero-tolerance policy towards any parties or celebrations marking the new year as they are against religion and the law," MP Mohammad Al Hayef said.
Since GN is from Dubai, it omitted the good MP's full name, Mohammed Al Hayef Al Mutairi.  And he represents the good folks in the Fourth District.

I hope all of you out there will take Brother Mohammad's words to heart.

AA will be spending the evening shortening the hem on his virtual thaub.  You would be well advised to do the same.

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