Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Bowling Green Massacre - Never Forget & Contribute Now

Regular readers of this blog know that our primary focus is financial, but there are times when other issues assume such paramount importance that silence is impossible.   Such is the case with the Bowling Green Massacre.

The Cowardly Bomb Attack

It wasn't that long ago that the idyllic atmosphere of Bowling Green, Kentucky was shattered (quite literally) by a cowardly bombing by terrorists.

But the damage wasn't only to property.  

An Anguished Cry.  Why?  
And yet in this time of anguish, a simple but powerful memorial to the untold number of victims.  And I'd note one conducted by the residents of blue state New York City for the fallen in red state Kentucky--a typical American response to threats.

Citizens across the nation express their solidarity. 

AA is Bowling Green and sincerely hopes you are too.

Americans are known for their charitable instincts.  And it didn't take long before a fund was established.  Below is a link to their website.

We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to rebuild a community torn apart.

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