Friday, 20 January 2017

Wall Street Titan "Baffled" by Government Form

Steven T. Mnuchin, Nominee for Secretary US Treasury

When asked to explain how he left $100 million in assets and some "other" information off a required government disclosure form, Steven T. Mnuchin, President Trump's nominee for US Treasury Secretary, stated: “I think as you all can appreciate, filling out these government forms is quite complicated.” 
Once again it's the fault of "Big Government" overreach burdening a self-reliant and hard-working job creator.
Now some or you out there might think that a guy who was a partner at Goldman Sachs and a supremo at several hedge funds would have little problem with the mechanics (note that limitation) of filling out a Federal ethics disclosure form.  But apparently you would be wrong.    
Luckily, the position of Secretary of the Treasury doesn't require a sharp mind or attention to detail --at least in the incoming Administration. 
On a positive note, continued lack of such characteristics could result in a dramatic reduction in the Federal Debt if ten trillion or so was "left out" of the complicated Federal form for reporting national debt.
Danced With the Stars, Still Struggling as an "Apprentice"
The Apprentice appeared to have higher standards, but then all TV is not "reality" TV.

Paging John Kenney Toole.

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