Monday, 31 October 2016

Responding to a Direct Challenge AA Corrects The President of the Russian Federation

The Incredibly "Scary" Vladimir Putin (TISVP)
On 27 October Bloomberg reported that the President of the Russian Federation had dismissed charges of attempting to influence the US Presidential election in remarks at the Valdai International Discussion Club. 

One particular quote attributed to TISVP caught AA's sharp eye.

Is America some kind of banana republic? America is a great power. If I’m wrong, correct me.
If you've been following the news of late, you of course know that Mr. Putin is one incredibly scary individual with seemingly unbounded powers and a will of steel.   Not a man to be trifled with or provoked.  The media is in total agreement on this.

Yet, on the other hand, according to Bloomberg, he did ask to be corrected if he was wrong.

AA thought long and hard on this issue and decided to take Mr. Putin at his word. What better day to reply to TISVP than Halloween?

Here is AA's considered response  to the banana republic question.

While you are correct that the USA is a great power and that banana republics have typically been small rather weak countries (economically and militarily), I'd like you to consider that a good argument can be made that a key, perhaps the key, distinguishing characteristic of a banana republic is the nature and quality of its politics and politicians.

Singapore is a small country, yet no one would call it a banana republic (BR). 

AA can think of a couple nuclear armed states (outside the G-8) whose politics definitely qualify them for BR status. 

And would offer this recent blogpost for your consideration. 

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