Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Public Poll: To Move or Not to Move?

AA has had more than one suggestion that he needs to "keep up with the times" and move his hard hitting blog from BlogSpot to a more congenial and modern venue:  Wordpress.

So if you have a view, please leave a comment.

AA's concerns with the move are all about loss (I just can't seem to shake that "bond guy" appellation no matter how hard I try): 
  1. Losing the few regular readers he has in the shuffle.
  2. Losing his modest ranking in internet search engines.  Hard won, I might add, over years of diligent hard work that no doubt proves "big banks" are a value to society and deserving of much more love.
Technically the move should be well within AA's modest skills.   And AA has call on some related IT resources if need be.

Also AA keeps a very low profile so don't expect any personal replies.  That doesn't mean offers aren't welcome, just that it pays to be cautious.


AS. said...

There are numerous "tools" one can use to port all your historical posts to a Word Press environment.

What is more, you can include a link from this blogspot blog to the new location.

AS. said...

Just a final comment on search engine rankings, a search for Suq Al Mal comes back with a newcomer, with far less interesting content and what can only be construed as a commercial agenda!