Sunday, 10 October 2010

US Elections: Nur Ein Wenig Harmloser Spass (Just A Little Harmless Fun)

Spot the Republican candidate for the Reichstag, sorry, Congress from the 9th District in Ohio.  Rich Iott.

He's not on the far right but second from the right which I guess might make him a moderate of sorts when you consider the wider context.

He explained that he participated as a history buff and as a way for a father to bond with his son.  If I remember correctly, there is an old saying "The family that goose steps together"  though I forget the rest of it.  I suppose that's the important bit, though, isn't it?

While I'm probably confusing a historical event, I believe the candidate was also heard to say:
  1. Ich erkenne mich nicht schuldig.
  2. Befehl ist befehl. 
  3. Die Fahne hoch!
In any case, those familiar with this repulsive ideology  know the central importance of the Viking in the "Aryan" myth along with the Celtic Cross and Runic symbols.  That's why of course the SS Unit adopted the name  in the first place.  And why other later adherents of the ideology did.  The Wiking-Jugend.  Several "Aryan" rock bands  with variants of Wiking in their names. 

Just a little harmless fun, so they tell us.

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