Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dubai's Real Estate Woes Continue

A Not So "Unique" 50 Story Dream from 1997 
One of our regular readers/commentators, Laocowboy2, called this New York Times  article on the continuing woes in Dubai's real estate market to my attention.

Some quotes with captions.

"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto"  The biggest mistake - mistaking a foreign country for your own - and assuming that legal systems, services, construction quality are just like "back home".
“It’s not like in Western countries. It’s very difficult to exit here if there’s a problem. And we’ll never get our money back, but now we’re stuck dealing with this hole.”
AA's Second Law of Lending and Investing: "Due Diligence Before the Deal Not After"
"At the time, few asked if there was a legal framework for resolving potential disputes. Now, with the glitter gone, interviews with investors, legal specialists and real estate analysts here show that many who bought in are finding it hard to get out."
“The rules of the game are definitely opaque here,” said an investor who has bought several properties in Dubai and who insisted on anonymity because of delicate talks with developers and regulators. “In the United States, I would know my legal position much more clearly and could take actions if necessary.“ 
Besides "location, location, location" supply and demand also impacts prices.
Although about 70 percent of empty lots from three years ago have been filled, real estate construction since then has far exceeded the purchases, more than doubling the amount of vacant space available, said Timothy Trask, the director of corporate ratings at Standard & Poor’s in Dubai.
No mention of quality of materials and construction.  Perhaps, that will become  more widely apparent in a few years time, though there's always the odd Discovery Gardens or Sky Gardens or The Villa to help discover flaws.

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