Sunday, October 10, 2010

Department of the Tragically Absurd: A New Structure for Arab Joint Action on the Table

It's Got to Hurt When Only a Few Recognize Your Completely Imaginary Genius

As Emirates 24/7 informs us:
Chairing the opening session, the Libyan President Colonel Muammar Al Gaddafi welcomed the Arab leaders and said that the summit would discuss a new structure for Arab joint action.

He added that a five-member committee under his chairmanship was formed during the last summit in Sirte to oversee implementation of the new structure.
Another decisive step forward.  A new structure.  Proven visionary leadership.  What could possibly go wrong?  (For one thing see picture above).  

Who could possibly object?

Amr Moussa voiced some skepticism and warned that steps should not be taken which would undermine the highly effective Arab League.

But as the report tells us several critical breakthroughs were made at the meeting:

HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum had several very important visits.
  1. He visited Egyptian President Mohamed Husni Mubarak on Sunday for a session filled with Hope.
  2. He met with Syrian President Bashar Al Asad also on Sunday.  While we're not told,, I believe this session was about Change. (Quite a busy day, it seems).
  3. On Saturday the Bahraini Deputy Prime Minister and his entourage visited HH  and his entourage and conveyed the greetings of King Hamad of Bahrain!  That was, if I'm not mistaken. one of the major achievements of the conference.
  4. Though there were no doubt many more,  perhaps more than could be recorded.  One of note,  that was, was a visit to a heritage market.
This event certainly lived up to its billing as the  extraordinary Arab summit.

Despite the many imaginary achievements of this remarkable event, I am left with one nagging doubt.  What sort of people make a habit of indulging a psychotic in his delusions?


The Rageful Cynic said...

that guy needs his own reality show...

flanked by his Amazonian bodyguards... they could storm Survivor island like it were Normandy..

Abu 'Arqala said...


Sort of a variant on The Osbournes with Daffy playing Ozzie.