Monday, 31 October 2016

Exclusive to Suq Al Mal -- Photo of H.E. A.F. Al Sissi's Refrigerator

Before Drinking Always Remove the Cap Yourself to Avoid Getting a Bottle Filled with Tap Water
AlSissi  Essebsi an easy mistake to make even for a fellow Arab.  Names sound alike.  They both wear Western suits.

In any case hopefully this exclusive photograph of the President of Egypt's refrigerator will put this matter to rest.

Like me I hope you notice the frugality of the President. 

No fancy imported water.

Hopefully not Baraka Vintage 1996

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Abu 'Arqala said...

After AA's hard hitting response to the undoubtedly unfounded accusations against HE AFAS, the official who made the unfortunate comments has resigned for "health reasons".

Coincidence or proof of the demonstrated power of SAM blogspot.

I report you decide.