Monday, September 13, 2010

Mercer Global Quality of Living Survey: GCC

I thought I was late with my "news" about Unicorn.  Well, today AlQabas beat me with a story about Mercer's study released last May.

A few interesting points from that article.

First, the ranking of GCC cities (world ranking in parentheses out of 222 cities surveyed):
  1. Dubai (75)
  2. Abu Dhabi (83)
  3. Muscat (100)
  4. Doha (110)
  5. Manama (111)
  6. Kuwait (122)
  7. Riyadh (158)
  8. Jeddah (159)
Looking at the world rankings:

  1. Vienna  (A shout out to The Real Nick).
  2. Zurich
  3. Geneve
  4. Vancouver
  5. Auckland
Baghdad was dead last at 222.


the real nick said...

I heard your shout! I've just come back from holidays back home in Vienna - it is truly a lovely place to live, especially if you are catatonic or impervious to bad weather!
Peronsally I feel the best life is to be had in the 'No.2 cities' - Chicago over NYC, Bologna over Milan or Rome, Lyon over Paris etc.
That said, Vienna is a No.2 city in its own right...

Abu 'Arqala said...


Welcome back. I suppose they're in emergency restocking mode in Grinzing.

Speaking of bad weather, the World's Greatest City is a bit cold in the winter, especially when that wind comes blowing in off the lake.