Monday, September 20, 2010

Lenders Selling Saad Group Loans

Remedial Lending Class

Asa Fitch at The National reports on some loan sales by Saad lenders.

This makes perfect sense. 

It's highly unlikely that Saad or AHAB, for that matter, are suddenly going to settle their debts.  It's likely that there will be considerable more time before a deal is struck.  And then repayment is likely to be painfully slow over a long period.

It makes perfect sense for lenders with modest sized tickets to exit now.  End the uncertainty.  Devote resources to other more productive efforts than negotiating a rescheduling and then tracking the performance of a weak credit.

The sad thing is that bankers have ADD so that any lessons learned are remembered for only a short period making the cost of tuition not effective.

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