Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dubai: More Pain to Come

Tom Arnold over at The National has an article on the pain likely to come from Nakheel and Dubai Holding restructurings.

As well as a few quotes from the ratings downgrade of ADCB.  Sounds like Brother Eiraqat already needs more than two 1000 mg Dolgit.


Anonymous said...

may I recommend that you create a twitter account and tweet a link everytime you post a new entry on the blog. should significantly increase traffic and keep lazy people like me alert to your new posts. just a thought...

Abu 'Arqala said...


Excellent idea.

The problem is what do you do when the "Twit" himself is lazy.

I've got a Twitter account, but am woefully negligent in posting.

If you have one of the reader services, you can link in my blog and then it automatically checks to what if anything I've posted.

I will check with my CIO to see if there's some way to automate the "Twits".