Monday, August 2, 2010

Dubai: The Emirati Goldfinger

Fancy expensive car proving honesty and sincerity.

Dubai is known as an important gold trading center.  Apparently the story of Damas is just one of many.

This is another.

An Emirati identified solely as AA, was taking gold from an Iranian woman, FH,  promising her he was selling to Russians at a "higher price".  Presumably because the Russians in the UAE are not sharp traders.  In one example, she gave him gold worth DH850,000 and he gave her a check for DH500,000.  

One could make a small fortune in such exchanges - though starting with a large fortune would be a prerequisite.

In any case the woman was sure this chap was on the "up and up". 
FH said that each time the accused, who addressed her as 'mother' visited her he used a different car. And, therefore, she believed whatever he said and never suspected him.
As Ken over at Wall St WTF can testify, justice has both a long arm and is swift in the Emirate of Dubai.  Interpol arrested the chap in Thailand and he's been arraigned in Dubai.
The accused has denied the accusation and the Dubai Misdemeanor Court has adjourned the case until August 9.
A couple of further notes.

Despite the similarity of names (AA), like a certain prominent Kuwaiti-Saudi businessman, I continue to deny any wrongdoing.  Mother, why won't you believe me?

And for Ken at Wall St WTF:
  1. You've expressed some concern at your blog as to the  vigor (or lack thereof) in the legal pursuit of the Flying Abdullah Brothers.  Perhaps the judicial venue for this case  - the Misdemeanor Court - is an indication of the seriousness with which such crimes are viewed in the Emirate?
  2. Also as one who has worked with the DIFX/DFSA, perhaps you can  advise whether Iranians are working there in senior management.  That potentially could explain a lot of things.  He called me "mother" when he signed his Enforceable Undertaking.

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