Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Competition: Revise That Corporate Slogan

Taking a cue from a post from Farmer Joe, Suq Al Mal launches its First Annual "Revise That Corporate Slogan" Competition.

Entrants may submit their entries by posting a comment.

And may, if they wish, suggest other firms whose slogans may need updating or revision.

Here are our two initial candidates: 
  1. Dubai Holdings - For the good of tomorrow.
  2. Dubai World - The Sun Never Sets on Dubai World



the real nick said...

There was a huge banner here in Dubai from Nakheel: "We promised you the World. What Next?"

It's been taken down ;)

There are lots of red faces in Dubai, and not just because of the sun...

Farmer Joe said...

Ok i will go again...

Dubai World
"The sun has set on Dubai world"

Nakheel (Nackered-eel)
"Where Vision inspired insanity"
"We promised the world, and delivered a map"

"Ego, Stupidity & Funding....woops"

Abu 'Arqala said...


So far you're in the lead.

But hopefully your entry will spur others.

On that score, I'd like to remind readers that an award from Suq Al Mal has limitless value.