Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Barbarous Law is Not a Just Law

There is a lot of talk but relatively little action by so-called "Muslims" and "Islamic" countries to uphold Islam.

Legally circumcised?  A five year old child?

What sort of an animal would do this to anyone?  What sort of father would do this to his daughter?

What sort of doctor would perform such a mutilation?
What hospital would allow such barbarity within its walls?

What sort of judge or judicial system would look upon this with other than horror?

This sort of thing goes on in the lowest forms of civilization - brutal unthinking unenlightened backward tribes where the jahiliyya still reigns.

And the upshot is that the wife is going to be prosecuted for calling this كلب  out?


Anonymous said...

Another story that seems to have disappeared from the web.


What could be going on?

Your captcha programme is having a laugh, though - the word I now have to type in to prove I am human is 'pretot'.

Abu 'Arqala said...


There were a couple of additional articles in the Gulf Daily News. Allegedly a forsenic exam "proved" that the girl had not been sexually abused - the barbarous "operation" apparently not meeting the strict standards in Bahrain to qualify as "abuse".

But then again this is the country where a wise judge once levied a BD1,000 fine for one chap slapping another with a fish. And where the abusers of children can get off if the family of the abused child forgives the perpetrator.