Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Investment Dar - Restructuring "Deal" Unravelling?

Quoting a source connected with TID's Creditors' Co-Ordinating Committee ("CCC"),  AlQabas states that last week the CCC asked TID if it wanted to pursue a restructuring under Kuwait's Financial Stability Law.  This apparently because significant numbers of creditors refuse to join the restructuring and  continue to pursue repayment through legal cases.

AlQ says that TID's did not respond with a direct answer but said that it would give its position at meeting Sunday with creditors in Kuwait and then Monday with creditors in Dubai.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that I've been fairly skeptical about the announcement that TID had a deal with its creditors given the absence of a cramdown mechanism under Kuwaiti law. There is an exception for an investment company licensed by the Central Bank of Kuwait  which submits to the Financial Stability Law.  Otherwise, an obligor needs 100% of its creditors to have a restructuring binding on all creditors.  TID  claimed that more than two-thirds of its creditors had agreed its plan. 

If this article is correct, the wheels appear to be coming off TID's "deal". 

As to the Financial Stability Law, as far as I know no obligor has yet undertaken a rescheduling under its provisions.  But when the storm is severe, any port may be preferable than the high seas.

It seems pretty clear that if the FSL were an "easy path" it would have been taken before.  And this probably explains why TID wants to explain its position on the FSL face-to-face. 

I'll follow up with a post on the FSL shortly.

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